Organizational Structure

    Organizational Structure

     The professor left a comment on the last assignment and requested I use 3-4 references in the paper instead of one. This assignment is due the January 25, 2018 at 11:59pm eastern standard time. Refer to the video on Organizational Structure.  All organizations need some type of structure to define team roles and responsibilities, also known as 'subsystems' (think of the individual departments in an organization, for example).

    You are charged with forming a team to organize and implement a fundraiser for a family in need. Name 3-4 subsystems you would to need to create within the team (system)? Why did you select these?

    In response to this case study scenario you must submit a 3 page paper (not including your cover page or reference page), double spaced and in APA style and format.  Upload your response as a Word file.

    For this submission no additional reference will be necessary, but those including one more authentic reference (FSW accessed peer reviewed journal, e-book, etc.) is likely to be to your advantage. 


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