Organizational Strategy and Innovation

    Organizational Strategy and Innovation


    In this assignment you’ll be developing the second section of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park Summary Report that is based around the concepts of organizational strategy, innovation, and managing change. 


    Now that you have mapped out how you are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling your task force formation, the next step of the report is to convey how innovation, change, and organizational strategy will help create a competitive advantage with the development of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park.


    The first step of section II is to complete a hypothetical SWOT analysis by categorizing what you perceive to be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of moving forward with a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. Complete the following SWOT Matrix by categorizing the following factors in the appropriate row below:


    • Canine Epidemic
    • Large Market of Dog Owners
    • PETA Concerns
    • City Regulations
    • Liability (Dog Bites)
    • Profit Margins
    • Complementary Service
    • Maintenance Upkeep
    • Site Ownership
    • Customer Retention
    • Market Awareness
    • Zoning
    • Environmental Regulations
    • Marketing Costs
    • Weather/Seasonal Concerns
    • Existing Customer Base
    • New Revenue Source
    • Staff Training
    • Experience in Dog Park Business
    • No Existing Dog Parks in Market
    • Staffing Expenses
    • Innovative in Dog Boarding Model
    • Park Construction Cost
    • Unique Service

























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