Organizational Complexity

    Think of your organization through the lens of Complexity. Describe two issues that are constrained by the complexity within your organization.

    For example: You are a part of a family owned business where an inexperienced family member has been given a position of authority. While you are aware of the mistakes this family member is making that are having an adverse impact on the culture, you opt to not bring the issue to the attention of the Senior Leadership because you fear you will be viewed as a whistle-blower.

    1.    Describe two issues you are observing in your organization. Describe as if you are a consultant/advisor; write your paper as if the CEO will read your work.
    1.    In a short introduction, describe the overall problem, and two specific issues that need to be addressed.
    2.    In the body, complete an analysis of each issue; what is the issue and why is it important (if unresolved how might it harm the company)?
    3.    In the conclusion, provide at least one recommendation that will address each issue, and explain how this will resolve the problem.
    2.    Integrate with related readings and coursework; supporting examples are good ways to reinforce your recommendations.

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