online archive reflection paper

    Online Archive Assignment

    Assignment Objectives

    To explore online primary document archives and understand their contents, organization, and methodology.

        To critically evaluate primary sources and how to choose and analyze them.

        To practice organizing sources for writing.

    The Online Archive
    The Arabian Gulf Digital Archive ( ) is the online archives to be used for this assignment. 
    Assignment: to find a primary document regarding the British policy in Trucial States that reflects a social, economic or political aspect that happened during Trucial states period. i choose ( discovery of oil ) which is this

    1.    Describe the document, explaining what kinds of information it contains, how they are organized,
    2.    Identify the document historical background, its relevance to British policy in Trucial States
    3.    Categorize the document nature (social, political, economic, military..) and explain what it contains and what it means to UAE history.
    4.    You should organize your essay  : This assignment is about primary documents, not introductions, essays, or other secondary material.

    i will upload a ppt file it will help you to know more how to do this.

    and i will upload the require reading that you will use it in the paper as we studied in the course. which is ( the external influences )

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