Objectives for using research to revamp MAC cosmetics

    The specific objectives of this research were:
          To revamp M.A.C. Cosmetics and reposition them.
          To determine if our proposed repositioning is supported or negated among the target market.
          To determine if our proposed IMC ideas are supported or negated among the target market.
          To learn about womens makeup look preferences, purchase intent, and behavior when buying.

    – I need the bulleted points to be made into 275 words or so. below is some information about the direction we wanted our research to support or negate ….

    We feel that one of the most important factors that influence M.A.C. ‘s targeted consumers purchase decision is effective packaging. M.A.C.s targeted consumer also is looking for safe, healthy ingredients in their products, as opposed to harmful chemicals. Also, consumers are looking for brands with strong ethical values, ethical working conditions for their employees, and cruelty free testing of their beauty products. The targeted consumers are also very concerned with the ingredients utilized in their beauty products. In addition, the majority of consumers are looking for brands with multi purposeful, efficient products.
        In order to effectively reposition the brand, our team believes that M.A.C. should market their products using bolder, more attractive packaging. We feel that M.A.C. should package their products to match different product campaigns they plan throughout the year. For example, if M.A.C. launched a product line inspired by the holidays, we feel that they should create holiday inspired packaging, while still maintaining their brand logo and essence.

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