“Lately I’m hungry all the time. I read on a website that, if I limit my total fat intake to no more than 10% of my total calories, I can eat all the carbohydrates and protein that I want, and I won’t gain weight. So, when I felt hungry after my last class, I stopped at the yogurt shop in the student union and ordered a sundae with nonfat vanilla yogurt and fat-free chocolate syrup. I must admit, though, that an hour or so after I ate it, I was hungry again. Maybe it’s stress.”

    Your Advice for Suzy;

    What do you think of Suzy new approach to her persistent hunger?
    What have you learned in this chapter about the role of fats that might be important information to share with Suzy?
    How would you suggest she change her eating choices?
    Suggest at least 3-4 specific alternative eating choices (meal or snack ideas) as it relates to the case study prompt.

    Reference your information using the APA citation format.

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