Nursing Theory and Evidence Based Practice

    Read the case study on page 253 of your textbook.  Helen Soderstrom is the nurse who developed symptoms.  Use the online NKU library to locate an EBP article related to Helens symptoms.

    Initial Post:

    Read the article and answer the following questions:

    Was a nursing theory used as part of the articles content?

    Is this a middle range theory ?

    If so, name the theory and discuss why it was relevant to the article.

    Describe the research that was used in the article.

    Discuss your reasons why this theory is relevant to the article and Helen Soderstroms case history.

    Write your answers in a narrative format using APA 7th ed.

    Be sure to include in-text citations, and a reference list

    (We can work together to find some sort of article from my schools database)

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