nursing and poverty

        Discuss in detail, the nature of poverty. Consider the following layers within your discussion:
    o    Global context of poverty how is poverty related to geography?
    o    Local context of poverty
    o    Why does it occur? (Is it the fault of the poor?)
    o    Can poverty be measured? (Include mention here of the Sustainable Development Goals).
    o    Is there a link between governance and poverty?
    o    How are the social determinants linked to poverty ie., income, education, social isolation, etc.?
    o    How can nurses make a difference?

    When you are doing your research for this question/discussion, you will find alarming realities, so feel free to be professionally passionate about your responses.

    Original Response – The expectation is no more than 300 words for your original response. This is to be completed using apa formatting 7th edition (however, no double spacing needed); and with at least four references.  Please use Times New Roman, font size 12.

    You need to discuss this topic in 300 words (max). The citations are not included in the word count. APA 7th is used for the in-text citation (s). The 4 articles should be referenced in APA format at the end of the discussion post.

        Describe the multiple roles that nurses fulfil as members of inter-professional teams within the global health delivery system to affect change regarding poverty and health disparities.
        Compare and contrast the experience of health inequities and health disparities, among selected populations associated with low-, middle- and high-income countries and regions.
        Describe the complex relationships among poverty, political governance, and health outcomes within low-, middle and high-income countries and regions.

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