I am to answer these “patient program learning outcomes” into 3 paragraphs for each outcome there are 5 outcomes.

    Paragraph 1 & 2: Tell the reader in your own words what this program outcome means. It is to be in my own words. No quotes. 

    Paragraph 3: What steps will you take to continue to develop this program outcome throughout your nursing career

    Outcome 1: Quality and Safety Apply principles of safety and quality in nursing and health care practices.

    Outcome 2: Systems-Based Practice Collaborate with interdisciplinary team members to improve the delivery of care services.

    Outcome 3: Professionalism. Models accountability congruent with the inherent values, ethics, and behaviors of professional nursing.

    Outcome 4: Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development. Engages in collaborative leadership roles and lifelong learning to continue professional career development.

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