Newspaper Article Analysis Paper


    ***PLEASE Answer to ALL Questions below

    (3 page total)

    Include the title of the article, author, date published, newspaper, and html address of
        the article if accessed on-line.
    b. Include a one-page summary of the article detailing:
    a.    The question/issue that the author is addressing and/or investigating
    b.    The method/evidence that the author employs (i.e. demographics, statistics, interviews).
    c.    Respond to the authors argument and main points by linking AT LEAST one theoretical framework from the class (i.e. a theory of migration, straight-line assimilation, segmented assimilation, etc.) and one empirical class reading
    (File ATTACHED_IMMIGRATION/ URBANIZATION) to the article (properly cite the theory and reading and include the citation at the end of your assignment). How do class theories/concepts relate to the article? If the author is making an argument, do you agree with him/her? Could the author have used class concepts and theories to make a stronger case or to help explain the outcome? You must define and link class concepts and readings correctly in order to receive full credit.

    CITATION :ASA ( ASA Style guide is attatched)

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