news analysis and discussion

    Uncover a current or recent (within the current month/year) news item from a reputable news source that RELATES TO YOUR CLIENT — Fox Sports app (either about your client, the industry, or the client’s competition).  The goal for the final uncover blog posts is to be focused on monitoring news that could impact your client/project. (This is something PR folks do every morning.)

    Write a brief summary of the news item. Since you will provide the link, there is no need to write out the entire article. Summarize in 1-3 sentences. The majority of your post should be your discussion and analysis.

    Discuss how you think the information in the story relates to YOUR CLIENT. If the news deals with a campaign, crisis, strategy, or special audience discuss the relevance to your client. Put yourself as the PR person for the newsmaker: what audiences do you need to concern yourself with, is this a negative or positive story, what does the story say about the brand? Is there any information that you could use in your project, or help you develop your campaign?

    Always include an image within your post to enhance the reader’s enjoyment. Publish the post on your blog and share its URL by submitting it to this assignment.

    The blog post should be a minimum of 400 words describing your personal reactions to the news and what PR folks should do next.

    ALWAYS: Share your analysis of the news item with the instructor by tweeting the post’s URL with an appropriate tweet headline.

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