new testament analysis presentation

    Session 4 New Testament Analysis Presentation
    Pauls letters shape a great deal of the doctrine of the early church and our modern church, as his letters form a large piece of the New Testament that we read today. Throughout the epistles, Paul introduces several different doctrinal themes which have powerfully shaped Christianity throughout the centuries.
    For this assignment, please construct a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoons, etc.) on a major Pauline doctrine from the list provided. Please choose one doctrinal theme from the following list:
    Day of the Lord
    Please address the following based off of the theme that you select:
    Explore the importance and significance of this particular doctrine in Pauls theology.
    Discuss/explore how the teachings of Jesus influenced Pauls understanding of this particular doctrine.
    What impact does this doctrine have on the modern church? How should Christians live in light of this doctrinal truth?
    Be sure to utilize, in proper context, various scripture references in your presentation. The presentations should be 4-6 slides long, not including the title slide and reference slide. If you selected a video tool to create your presentation, or to include a voiceover, please make the video no more than 6 minutes long. If you do not include a voiceover, please include detailed notes in the notes section of your presentation that would assist any presenter.
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