Nepa v. Commonwealth Department of Public Welfare; There are both legal and ethical issues involved in this case.

    1)  Do the facts of this case support the court’s findings?

    2)  Discuss why senior citizens are often reluctant to report abuse.

    Cover page – Make sure it is in APA format.

    Abstract – None required.

    Introduction – Describes the purpose of the paper.  Ideal length is four (4) sentences.  Introduce the topic and preview the structure of the main body (discussion) that follows.  It’s OK to start with:  “The purpose of this paper is…”.

    Main body – Provide the analysis of your research.  You can use subheadings to breakup the paragraphs if you wish, but it is not required.  Keep paragraphs relatively short–4-6 sentences each.  Don’t write long, run-on sentences.  Use transitions to make the narrative more engaging and to help he reader identify new points that you are bringing up.

    Conclusion – Like the introduction, should be four (4) sentences each.  Restate the thesis of the paper and briefly recap key issues covered.  Close with impact sentence to remind he reader of the importance of the topic.  It is OK to begin the concluding paragraph with:  “In conclusion…”.

    Reference page –  References must be from established, credible, scholarly sources (no newspapers or news magazines) and a minimum of four (4) are required. 

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