Needs of Artistically Gifted Students

    For Each of the three articles you have chosen, complete the following template:
    Journal Title:
    APA (7th Edition) citation:
    Review of Previous Literature on Topic: Summary of previous literature
    Purpose: Direct information (word for word) from the article. Use quotation marks.
    Setting & Participants: Summary of SETTING & PARTICIPANTS section.
    Procedure: Summary of PROCEDURE(S) section.
    Results: Summary of RESULTS section. Make sure to address the Purpose of the study.

    After Summarizing all three articles using that format, think about the knowledge and skills all three of them have taught you. In your mind, formulate a complete concept of the area of research it represents.  Complete your paper with the following sections making sure to consider ALL THREE articles you have read. Implications for Practice: Why were these studies important to teachers? How could they be used by teachers in the classroom? Summary(at least TEN original and complete sentences).

    Discussion: In what ways have these articles informed/transformed your understanding of the topic?

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