Naboth’s Vineyard & Land in Ancient Israel

    The goal of this assignment is to explain various perspectives on the land through the study of a biblical passage.

    Read the narrative about Naboth and his vineyard in 1 Kings 21:1-29. Note that there are 4 significant characters in this narrative: Naboth, Ahab, Jezebel, and Elijah. The assignment is to view the land through the eyes of each of these characters. What was his or her perspective of the land? Make sure that you know a little bit about each individual as you read the narrative and then determine their view of the land in this situation.

    Write 1 short paragraph on each of the 4 individuals that summarizes their perspective of the land in this situation. How does each individual visualize or think about the land? Feel free to interject your own evaluation of the land of Israel during Old Testament times as you interact with each of these characters.

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