My topic is how has social media affected child sex trafficking in our society today.

    To give a little background of my hypothesis, independent variable, and the dependent variable is. Identifying social media and child sex trafficking. My focus on how has social media affected child sex trafficking in our society, the state that I will be focusing on in California.

    This assignment is 5 parts. This is assignment #2. I have already submitted assignment #1 and have already started working on assignment #2 as the continuation of assignment #1. What I’m going to be uploading is assignment #1 and the work I’ve done so far on assignment #2.

    Independent variable – My independent variable is social media and under that social media umbrella is “Children engaging with strangers on social media.”

    Treatment group: 30 minutes on Facebook
    Control group: 30 minutes on Yahoo Answers (given its not a social media platform)

    Dependent variable – My dependent variable is child sex trafficking and under that umbrella is “Numbers of messages from strangers requesting to meet up”

    Hypothesis – “California minors who engage on social media with strangers are more likely to be solicited to child sex trafficking.

    This is the information that was given on the syllabus:
    Identifying your final research question and your variables. Provide a brief (2-3 page) overview of your finalized research question, hypothesis(es), and the variables that you will be studying. This assignment should include the information provided in your first assignment, but expand in more detail on the hypothesis(es) developed based on your research question and what variables you will be using to address the research question. Your hypothesis(es) should make clear the main independent and dependent variables in your proposal and the relationships between these variables that you are examining. In addition to identifying your variables, describe them using characteristics that have been presented in class (e.g., unit of analysis, operational definitions). This assignment should be typed, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial font, with one-inch margins.  This assignment will be graded using the rubric posted in Canvas.

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