• Through research, find a single example of a beneficial or detrimental mutation
    • 2. Go to the Mutations in Evolution discussion topic, and create a new thread of at least 250 words (excluding citations) containing the following information, using APA for citations and support:
      • Identify and describe to your classmates the example of mutation that has been detrimental or beneficial. The species can be any species- humans or otherwise.

     Mutations in Evolution discussion topic

    Return to the discussion topic and reply to one of your classmates' posts who has not had a reply.

    • The reply should be evident you read the post and have a thoughtful response.
    • The reply should be at least five sentences total. Replies should not say "cool post", "good idea", etc., but answer the post based on the following criteria.
      1. Is the post detailed enough to describe the discussion topic?
      2. Does the post grab your interest? Why/not?
      3. If applicable, is the post supported with proper scientific sources and citations?
    • Comments will be taken into consideration for grading purposes.


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