Music psychology/ Treatment Planning

    Scenario: Dom is a 16 year old boy with Muscular Dystrophy who is staying in the hospice for the weekend so that his family can have some respite and time with his younger siblings.  Dom arrives, puts his headphones on, and stays in his room for the whole morning.  When asked, he says he is listening to rock and metal music, and especially likes old hits from the 1980s. The nurses are concerned about his emotional state and lack of interest in interacting with others.  One of the nurses makes a referral to the music therapist, as she thinks Dom is feeling angry about something.

    Respond to the question based on the scenario:

    1. Explain why psychodynamic approaches are suitable for this scenario (compare with other approaches) and provide a rationale for this that is connected to both your assessment of needs and the setting where you would work with the young person (600 words).

    (Other theoretical approaches are Humanistic,  Behavioural and Ecological approaches)
    For the definition of the approaches can refer to the additional materials

    – Depth of understanding/rationale provided for theoretical frameworks
    – Clarity of writing and integration of ideas with relevant literature Include APA6 accuracy

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