Music Assignment

    Criminological Perspectives
    Assignment 3 Music Assignment Paper
    Due: Sunday November 8th at 11:55pm via Sakai
    Value: 75 points
    Suggested Length: approximately 2 double-spaced pages per song. This should be
    written as a traditional paper.
    Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
    Margins: 1 inch on all sides of page.
    Subheadings: Please use subheadings.
    References: cite any sources you are using for this article (Note: there is no need to use
    outside sources unless you want to this assignment grading is based on your response)
    Rubric: Available via Saki in the submission portal under Preview Rubric
    You will select TWO songs (or albums if this fits better) from different genres. Each song
    should illustrate a different crime theory or perspective. Songs need to be accessible to me to
    listen to, preferably via Youtube or also via Apple Music, Spotify, or Sound Cloud. For each
    song, please include the artist, song title, album title (if applicable), and direct link.
    The song should have a direct connection to a criminology theory we have discussed in the
    course.Social Control Theory, gender-based theories of crime,Feminist Criminology, subculture theories and labeling theory, Anomie Theory and Strain Theory.

    The songs should, thus, either include 1) descriptions of criminal or deviant behavior
    (starting it, engaging in it, stopping it, etc.) OR 2) provide a perspective about the justice system
    (can be supporting it, against it, discussing reform, etc.).
    For each song, you will examine how it connects to one (or more) of the theoretical concepts we
    have discussed so far this semester. Your paper should address the following information:
    1. Summary of the theory (approx. 1-2 paragraphs)
    a. Describe the crime theory relevant to the song, including the main components it
    proposed. *THIS MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS* – do not copy from the
    text or other sources
    b. You should not discuss the song in this section simply define and describe the
    c. This section helps to set up your response to the next section of the assignment
    2. Summarize the theoretical connections (approx. 2-3 paragraphs)
    a. How does the song connect to theoretical concepts we have discussed in class?
    b. Explain in detail, with examples from the song, how it illustrates the theory.
    c. You can include links to the lyrics as well or quote them directly in the text.
    3. Policy Implications (approx. 1-2 paragraphs)
    a. What could be done to prevent the criminal or deviant behavior portrayed in the
    b. How could the justice system be changed based on the perspective of the song?

    NOTE: You can (and likely will have to) use music/songs that have expletives, R-rated language, or derogatory words/statements. You are also welcome to censor any lyrics as you see fit. A goal of this assignment is to analyze this messaging in the context of our theories and perspectives towards criminology and criminal justice.

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