Project 2a: Two-level plan for middle-level technical and tonal development, strings

    While developing your plan, think about the choices youll need to make on behalf of your students. What do you intend for students to know and be able to do?

    Assume three levels of training and development for string players. Conceptualize it as a three-year training program (e.g., Grades 6, 7, 8, assuming 6th-grade beginning strings). But think levels rather than years. Some students can move ahead of the timetable, whereas others might need more time to meet the learning objectives.  The individual student and his or her development is the ultimate objective.  Begin with the end in mind.  Envision a finished product: a high school string instrumentalist with the skills you would expect him or her to have in order to play quality high school literature.  What do you want your students to know and be able to do after theyve completed your two-level program of development?  Then work downward through the levels.  Within this three-level sequence, specify for each level what will be developed in the following areas:

    1.    Left-Hand Executive Skills (e.g., instrument position, shifting [which positions?], vibrato)
    2.    Finger patterns (Tell me how you decided to label your patterns. Which pattern is Finger Pattern #1?)
    3.    Scales and Arpeggios
    4.    Right-Hand Skills (e.g., bow hold, bow distribution, PAWS Position, Angle, Weight, Speed)
    5.    Bow Strokes/Articulations (e.g., dtach, spiccato, etc.)
    6.    Rhythmic Patterns

    To do this, use the following scope and sequence curriculum model (you may choose another format of the model if you wish). The purpose of a scope and sequence curriculum is to give the reader a birds-eye-view of how the various components of the string curriculum align. Therefore, consider area alignment carefully. How do various rhythmic patterns align with bow distribution? How do various finger patterns align with scales and arpeggios? Also, consider which skills should be reviewed at the beginning of each level.

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