Define sexism. Explain gender as a social construction.
    Define heterosexism. Explain how sexism and heterosexism function in similar ways.
    Explain the relationship between heterosexism and heteronormativity. Provide of examples of how schools reproduce sexism and heterosexism.
    Provide suggestions toward anti-sexist/heterosexist schooling.
    Define hegemonic masculinity and explain how it functions.
    Provide examples of how hegemonic masculinity is reproduced in schools.
    Explain why we should consider “masculine” a performance rather than a state of being.

    Chapter 7 in the Sensoy and DiAngelo

    Explain the analogy employed by Frye (the bird cage) and how it is similar to Sensoy and DiAngelo’s presentation of how sexism manifests and gets reinscribed.

    Watch a brief tampon commercial. How does this inform your understanding of gender as a “social construction”? What is hegemonic masculinity,” how is it “policed,” and how is it perpetuated both in and out of schools? How is heterosexism implicated in hegemonic masculinity?

    Why/how might heterosexism be problematic for all students, not just LGBTQ students?
    How could schools be made “critical” for LGBT students and, drawing on the experience of Jamie Nabozny, how could they be made safe?

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