Monumentality of Anicent Architecture

    Short Papers Proposals

    General Information
    Length: minimum 500 words; maximum: 750 words
    Images: 1-2 (in the subtitles, include name, place, architect, year, and source/credit) Proposed
    bibliography: 5-10 scholarly articles or books
    Citation format: Chicago Manual of Style, Notes and Bibliography
    Submission: February 27 (on Canvas), until 11:59pm.

    Monumentality in Ancient and Pre-Modern Architecture

    Write an essay discussing the origins of ancient, or pre-modern monumentality and its impact on
    the construction of power, control, and collective memory. Select a few case studies (e.g.,
    buildings) to support your argument.

    Please make sure to include the two articles highlighted in the attached documents.
    Three other scholarly articles can be retrieved from other sources or in the attached documents

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