Mod 12

    Please read attached texts and watch videos, and answer all questions.  Must be done in question answer format.
    Answer must thoroughly addresses each question, including diverse perspectives when relevant (e.g., explaining arguments for and against a particular approach, or offering cautions when using a particular method)
    You must integrate ideas from across all reading attached. Also you should  use specific quotes or examples from the assigned texts as evidence to support arguments. All claims and arguments are supported by specific quotes and examples from the texts.
    References must be listed.

    In NCD (2018) Segregation SWDs.pdf read only 33-44pp

    1. How does racism affect the education of kids with (and without) disabilities?

    2. What is disproportionality in special education? What are some possible solutions to this problem?

    3. What are some specific things we can do as special educators to create a truly inclusive, accessible classroom for students from diverse racial, ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds? Give specific examples and suggestions from the texts and your own area of expertise.

    4. What are some questions you have after reading this week’s texts?

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