Mock up MVP of online boxing website

    a website that teaches boxing online during the covid 19,

    -prototype must be done using marvelapp
    -deliverable must be submited posting the link of the ‘play’ button to see the final result
    -design must be realistic, so no ‘default components’ will be considered as  a good job
    -workflows must be complete and closed. make sure a user can go back from any step and you don’t let any button/link/menu tab without interaction

    Evaluation criteria:

    – evaluate the level of the design. The more custom and realistic the better
    – evaluate the navigation of the web/app. Complete flows are a must
    -evaluate the usability of the web/app. Make sure you put the elements where the user expect to find them (i.e: menus on the top, copyrights on the bottom, etc)

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