MN610 W10-Reflection

    Topic: Reflection

    As this course wraps up, take a moment to examine each of the course outcomes.

    MN610-1: Construct clinical reasoning skills in evaluating, planning, and implementing care across gender and age span in a culturally competent manner for patients experiencing acute and chronic disease processes.

    MN610-2: Develop an evidence-based management plan for clients in the primary care setting with acute, episodic, and chronic illnesses, taking into consideration gender, culture, and ethnicity.

    MN610-3: Create age-appropriate plans for health promotion, health maintenance, health restoration, and health teaching when treating adults.

    MN610-4: Integrate clients’ cultural preferences, health beliefs, spiritual beliefs, behaviors, and traditional practices into the individualized management plan.

    MN610-5: Formulate a written and oral presentation for conveying care-related data to the interprofessional team.

    – Discuss how you met the course outcomes for this course by providing an example for each one.
    – Write a short paragraph for each topic.

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