Methodology and Basic Design Overview

    This is a real Dissertation: I really need you to follow all the directions closely. There are two sections to this assignment. I attached a copy of my dissertation paper entitled Track 3 DRP (you must read it so you know how to align each section together.PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information (I will be available). Please do not use transition words like: Nevertheless, furthermore, therefore, thus, etc. Please check for sentence structure and grammar. 

    2.4  Methodology and Basic Design Overview

    Provide an overview of the basic research methodology and the research model proposing. Also state how this methodology is a good fit for the question being asked and the phenomena being studied.

        Describe the qualitative methodology (for example phenomenology) and research model (for example Giorgi empirical phenomenology or Moustakas transcendental phenomenology) you propose to use.

    Assignment Instructions:
        This section should be a minimum of two (2) paragraphs.
        This section will introduce the research methodology and the design/approach.
        NOTE: The approved qualitative designs/approaches for the Counseling programs are phenomenology, generic qualitative inquiry, case study, grounded theory, and ethnography.  Please review the Acceptable Qualitative Research Approaches for Counseling Programs document on the iGuide for more details on these designs/approaches.

    My Research Question is: How do women with drug-related felony histories experience reintegration after incarceration?

    My research will use:
    Qualitative designs/approaches (generic qualitative inquiry)

    The first paragraph should make the case for exploring this qualitatively.

    The second paragraph should provide a well-supported rationale for using the generic approach.

    You must use at least 5-10 current (within 5-7 years), scholarly,  PRIMARY resources to support statements. Use APA style in citing all resources.

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