Medication Errors in Nursing

    This paper is on the topic of Medication Errors in Nursing (narrowed down from the broad topic of Medical Errors). The additional materials I have uploaded have a lot of instructions and guidance, READ FULLY, as those are the full guidance. There is a rubric posted so you know the requirements in the grading. The paper expectations and guidance include small writings that had to be done, about legal/ethical aspect, historical aspect, the broad topic. I also included the sources used for those writings and the citations because you may use those sources as part of this research paper and its thesis statement. Be sure to fulfill all requirements. I will be testing the paper for plagiarism using multiple resources, including Turnitin.

        The paper must be a minimum of 7 pages and a maximum of 8 pages, in addition to a title page and a reference list.
        The paper must follow APA format including:
    o    Double-spaced throughout
    o    1-inch margins on all sides
    o    1/2 inch indents for all new paragraphs
    o    12 point font size, serif type fonts such as Times or Courier
    o    Headings should be used to demonstrate the paper’s organization
        You do not need to create an abstract for this paper.
        You should have at least 5 professional references (STUDIES, JOURNAL ARTICLES, ETC.)included in the paper. At a minimum, 1 reference should reflect a recent research study specific to the issue.

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