Media Analysis Paper: The Great Gatsby (2013)

    Movie Choice: THE GREAT GATSBY (2013)

    Questions to Address: Make sure you discuss the following questions in your papers:

    When was the film/video game made? What time and place is the film/video game set in?
    What is the story? (Briefly summarize the film, in no more than a paragraph)
    What personal responsibility did the main characters have? What influenced their decisions and actions?
    What social responsibility did the main characters have? What place did they have in society? What was their responsibility to society at large? What impact did their decisions and actions have on society at large?
    How does the film/video game fit in with the material presented in lecture and your textbook?
    In your opinion, how historically accurate is the film/video game?
    Can you detect any biases from the filmmakers/screenwriters/video game creators?
    Does the film/video game address any specific themes or subjects that weve talked about in class? If so, how?
    What can we learn about history from watching this film/playing this video game? Did this movie/video game enhance your understanding of history?

    And for films which are depicting the era in which they are made:

    How well does this film reflect the deep-set and widespread concerns of the culture that produces this film?
    Is this film reinforcing prevailing cultural/societal norms, or challenging them?

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