Media Analysis of a Political Ad

    Media Ad AnalysisIn this assignment you will analyze a commercial advertisement by President Trump or Vice President Biden and present a focused discussion on its rhetorical choices. Getting Started: This assignment will require you to explore your chosen ad on three levels: 1) as an attempt by someone to communicate something important; 2) as a document that has intentionally been written and structured in such a manner as to lead readers to think, feel, and react in specific ways; and 3) as a cultural artifact that embodies (at least on some level) the values, attitudes, and beliefs of a certain group of people at a particular moment in time. In order to do this project well, you will need to carefully read and annotate your chosen ad several times, analyzing the work on each of these different levels. You will want to spend some time carefully considering what you think the main ideas of the ad are. But the bulk of your assignment will need to be more than just a description/summary of the ad; you will also need to engage what the ad is trying to say, how the ad is attempting to get its points across, and why it is using specific rhetorical strategies. So, using rhetorical concepts such as audience, media/design, motivation, ethos, pathos, and logos the three appealsyou will want to spend some time carefully considering what the ad is attempting to do stylistically and structurally and how rhetorical devices are used to persuade the audience. Finally, you will want to explore the ad as a historical and cultural document, looking carefully not only at the ad itself, but considering the wider context in which it was designed, and to speculate on the connections between its audience, context, and the wider culture and values of the time and place. Rhetorical Considerations: Your purpose in this project is to make an argument about some aspect of what the ad and its creators are trying to say. In the process of discussing this, you should offer some analysis of the cultural and/or historical context in which the ad was created. Your audience for this paper is someone who may know some basic rhetorical concepts, but who has little familiarity with the ad or its creators. Thus, the bulk of your discussion will want to focus on providing your reader with specific examples and clear explanations of how the ad is working and why. In other words, do not assume that your readers will have the ad to refer to as they read your paper. You must be able to explain and support your points through a summary and explanation of devices or tools used in the ad. Putting It Together: There are a number of different organizational strategies you might use to structure your paper, but keep in mind that your ultimate aim is to lead your reader through an organized discussion that focuses on a few main claims about the ad and its rhetorical moves. You must also provide evidence to back up your claims, which in this context means specific examples from and references to the ad. Your essay should be in APA format, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Your paper should be 2-3 pages.

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