Media Analysis Essay

    Media Analysis Paper

    Directions: This assignment asks you to serve as a cultural critic towards the end of the semester. Write a 3 page paper, double-spaced, 12-point font, using the cultural analysis techniques/topics that we have employed/learned about in this course this semester. Follow each of the steps detailed below and answer each of the questions in their entirety..AKA deal with the 4 Focus Areas.

    Four Focus Areas for Media Analysis Paper

    Select a specific item within a media form studied in this course for a textual analysis/interpretation. Examples of a specific item within a media form might include a film, an episode of a television series, a graphic novel, an album by an artist or musical group, a radio broadcast, a podcast, a website, a book, etc. Please consult with your instructor if you have any questions about your specific item within the media that you are choosing.

    Focus Area 1. What is the text saying AKA what is the media form saying? What values does it endorse? Choose one issue such as popular culture, race, class, gender, sexuality, violence, authority, individuality, responsibility, duty, conformity, success or happiness and other such issues and address how your item reflects/addresses the issue? (HA 1)

    Focus Area 2. What role does your item play in reference to popular culture, the media and society? (HA 2)

    Focus Area 3. How does the item of media build on the tradition of its genre or medium? (HA 3)

    Focus Area 4. How does the item use the potential/tools of its medium in order to communicate a message? (HA 4)

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