A. Directions

    Find in a newspaper or similar news source, (such as the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal) an article related to the material of your course.  The article must be within one year.
    Critically read the article. 
    Prepare a short summary (1-2 pages) covering
        The title, author(s), and source
        Detailed summary of the article
        How the article is relevant to class material
        Your view on the quality of science based in what we have learned.

    Be sure to understand the article well enough so you write clearly and confidently, not copying or directly quoting the article.  You must properly reference the article and any other sources you may use (such as your textbook) in text and in a list at the end of your summary.

    You need to provide your instructor a copy of the article with your summary.

    B. Grading
    Criteria    Poss.    Earned
    Article within 1 year    5   
    Proper referencing (in text and at end)    5   
    The title, author(s), and source    5   
    Detailed summary of the article    15   
    Article relevant to course material    10   
    Your view on the quality of science    10   
    Any deductions for not following directions       
    TOTAL    50   

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