Measuring Behavior

    Measuring Behavior

    Part 1: Observations

    For the first part of this assignment, select two frequently occurring human behaviors that you can easily observe in your workplace or community. (If needed, you may substitute a character’s behavior that can be frequently observed on a favorite TV series.) Two different people should be observed, rather than two behaviors in one person. You are to practice observing behaviors inconspicuously. You must not make any attempt to share your observations, conduct any form of assessment, or intervene.

    Using the guidelines in Chapter 5 of your Applied Behavior Analysis text, plan and conduct three separate observation sessions, each for 1020 minutes, for each behavior you have just observed. You have several options for conducting these observations. You may choose to do several on one day at different times (for example, 1020-minute sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening) or on different days. You should then have three separate observations for each of the two individuals you observed.

    Part 2: Observations, Definitions, and Data Recording Forms

    After observing the behaviors, write a brief description of the person you observed and the setting. After the description, create a brief (12 sentences) definition for each of the two behaviors you observed. Follow these guidelines for your definitions:

    Each definition should meet Hawkins and Dobes’s three characteristics (top of page 70) and Morris’s three criteria for testing a definition (page 70) as described in your Applied Behavior Analysis text.
    The definitions should not include inferences (for example, about internal state or thoughts), or include background, diagnostic, or historical information about the persons you observed.
    You will choose a data recording method to summarize the three observations for each of the two behaviors. After describing your observation method and providing a definition for each of the two behaviors, identify the data recording method you selected to record this data (frequency or duration) and explain why you chose that method.

    Summarize the data from your observations on an appropriate data recording form and create a table of this summary. Copy and paste both the data recording form and the table into your assignment. Important: Do not submit a spreadsheet or more than one document. The one document should contain definitions, observations, data form, and table for each of the two behaviors that you observed. You will be using the tables summarizing your data in the Unit 4 assignment.

    Assignment Requirements

    Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

    Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
    APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style guidelines.
    Resources: A sufficient number of scholarly or professional resources.
    Length: 35 double-spaced pages.
    Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

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