Each person should post a comment in BLOG form and choose to talk about  a “green Company that sells sportwear” and their program, products and services”.

    The content should  be as follows:

    1. Outline their  program, service or products that you believe has created a green market/sustainability  impact to the environment. It cannot be one that you have already used in this course.  Make sure the BLOG post has a compelling headline  and a grabbing/interesting introductory paragraph .

    2. Research the item above and decide on your focus and what you will say in the post.  Will it be to inspire readers, show a trend or give a compelling reason why this green market has been developed.

    3. Outline the key information you want to share and what they learn from the blog you are posting. 

    4. Link to other blogs, research or landing pages that supports your assertions.

    5. Tie it all together with a strong conclusion.

    You can also put in relevant pictures or graphs that makes your blog even more compelling.

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