Many believe that loyalty is a desirable quality in everyday life, but is this necessarily the case in Hamlet? Examine the extent to which loyalty is the source of tragedy in this play.

    Quotations from the play have been carefully transcribed, maintaining the writer’s capitalization and using a forward slash (/) to indicate line breaks. Quotes have been cited with Act, scene and line numbers.
        MLA formatting was used for in-text citations, formatting and references. A Works Cited page is included at the end of the essay.
        Draft has been proofread for spelling and grammatical errors by at least one other person.
        Thesis is clear.
        Introductory paragraph introduces arguments.
        Body paragraphs are written clearly, with introductory sentences, supporting sentences, references, and closing sentences.
        Conclusion wraps up the argument.
        Length is 4-5 pages or 1000-1250 words double-spaced.

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