management of disaster planning

    Please read and review the chapter objectives in our text Chapter#3 “Structuring a Department” and the attached supplemental text Chapter#4 “Management and its Basic Functions”. For this assignment, imagine you are a RC supervisor, RC manager or in a position of leadership in a hospital or academic medical center near the site of a natural disaster (ex. Katrina or “Super-Storm” Sandy) or an infectious disease outbreak similar to the 2019 CoVID (C-19) pandemic event. What are some good examples of Planning, Organizing, Directing, Coordinating and Controlling (be sure to include all 5 in your discussion) that you would need to address in order to effectively manage the consequences of the disaster? Please provide sufficient detail and several examples of each management function in your response. Given the importance of this topic and external research required, you will have 2-weeks to complete the assignment. I would suggest conducting an Internet search using the key words “disaster planning”; “management of disaster planning”; “disaster planning for natural events” and “disaster planning for infectious disease outbreaks”.

    ch 4:

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