Management information system

    Course Project Instructions
    Throughout the course, beginning in Week 4, you will complete a series of milestones
    for your course project. At the end of Week 13, these milestones will be compiled
    into a final course project showcasing your learning.
    The milestones will continue throughout the course and will be introduced as we
    progress. These milestones are not to be submitted during the week they are
    introduced, but rather compiled and submitted as a final course project at
    the end of Week 13. You will have the opportunity to submit a draft during
    Week 7 as a progress check.
    Course Project Scenario:
    You are a top executive in your corporation. After careful consideration, you were
    selected to work on a project to use MIS to change the way your business is run. You
    will be responsible for researching the practices in your industry, identify the
    strengths and weaknesses of the industry, and make an innovative plan to use MIS
    to improve on current practices.
    The purpose of your research is to a) provide you with an opportunity to learn more
    about a specific industry and the current processes used and b) identify opportunities
    to use MIS to change how business is run and improve on current business practices.
    Your report to management must include the following topics:
    1. Milestone 1: History and Background Develop a one page document
    providing a detailed summary with information about the industry, past and
    present business model/practices, the industrys strengths and weaknesses.
    2. Milestone 2: Target Customer Develop a one page document addressing the
    a) Identify the target customer in terms of age, gender, income, location,
    b) Have your customers needs changed over the years?
    c) Are all their needs fulfilled?
    d) Is there a gap between customers needs and market offerings?
    3. Milestone 3: Competition & Five Forces Model Analysis Develop a one page
    document addressing the following:
    a) Who is your competition?
    b) What are your plans to ensure that you are steps ahead of your
    competition and how will you respond to changes in the competitive
    c) What are the results of your five forces model analysis?
    4. Milestone 4: Survey and Results Develop and design a survey to help you
    with your project. Be sure to include a copy of your survey questions, sample
    size, summary of results, and recommendations.
    5. Milestone 5: Proposed Use of MIS Develop a one-page document explaining
    how MIS will benefit your industry/corporation. Provide details of the benefits
    and challenges of using MIS in your industry/corporation.
    6. Milestone 6: Implications Develop a one page document identifying and
    describing the implications of the suggested use of MIS on the industry.
    7. Milestone 7: Financial Benefits Develop a one page document addressing
    the following:
    a) What are the costs and financial benefits of using your proposed plan?
    b) Explain the impact on revenue, fixed costs, variable costs, initial
    investment, training, implementation, customer acquisition, customer
    retention, and customer satisfaction.
    8. Milestone 8: The Future Develop a one page document addressing the
    a) What changes do you foresee in the future of your
    b) How will you respond to changes in technology, processes, competitive
    environment, customers taste/needs, economic environmentetc.?
    Course Project Deliverables at the end of Week 13:
    1. Cover Page
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Eight (8) page professional document containing a compilation of milestones 1 8.
    4. References page utilizing APA format

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