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    University analysis Valdosta state university is a public university located in the state of Georgia. The university is among the four universities in Georgia that is part of the university system of Georgia. The university was established in 1906.
    Today, the institution is among the leading universities in the country serving more than eleven thousand students as of 2018 (Zomlefer et al, 2018). Valdosta state university is credited to offer different levels of certification that include bachelors, associated, masters, and doctoral degrees by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.
    Situation analysis The findings of the SWOT analysis for Valdosta state university indicate that VSU Strength includes competitiveness as demonstrated by eight national championships; excellent student performance; offering all levels of certification from diploma to doctoral degrees. Coherently, VSU’s weaknesses are a lack of strong brand and recognition, low ranking among national universities (293).

    Furthermore, VSU opportunities include an increasing number of students seeking tertiary education; recognition as among the best universities offering distance learning. Some of the threats facing VSU include competition and lack of sufficient resources such as finances. Marketing Strategy Valdosta state university has numerous plans, which seek to increase product quality, market communication, profitability, and increase student enrolment.
    The institution is seeking state and federal assistance to facilitate the development of a new campus building that will enable the university to increase capacity on student enrolment. Moreover, Valdosta state university is collaborating with businesses, organizations, and corporations in order to assist its students’ transition from school to employment.
    Cost/ budgeting The financial report indicates Valdosta state university’s overall revenues for 2019 had increased down from 2018. The rise is largely attributed to increased funding from state and federal governments.
    Controlling The Valdosta state university does not operate as an independent university hence much of the activities are influenced by the government.

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