M7: Discussion: Summarize Your Findings – Research Group 1

    As the end of the course approaches, you and your group will spend most of your time in this module putting the final touches on your research project. For this discussion, you will summarize your group’s findings from your data analysis and also put forward any lingering questions or issues that you would like your instructor to know about. Write an original post in which you address the following questions.

    Summarize the findings of your data analysis in your research project. Was there anything from your findings that surprised you?
    As you reflect on your experience with this research project, what is one thing you think you did well? What is one thing you would do differently next time?
    What questions do you have for your instructor as you finish up your research project?

    Initial posts should be about 300 words in length. Make sure you answer all of the questions in the prompt in your initial post.
    Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts by the end of the module. Each of your replies should be about 150 words in length.
    Initial posts are due by the date posted on this page. Replies are due by the end of the module.

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