M3.4 Reflect and Ask Questions

    M3.4 Reflect and Ask Questions
    Reflect & Ask Questions


    In Module 3 you grappled with the concepts of critical thinking and argumentative reasoning for today and tomorrow. You examined the standard-bearer for scholarly thoughtthe peer-reviewed journal articleand considered what it can tell us and how it differs from other kinds of sources. In Module 4, you will continue questioning and examining information to understand that not all information is created equal, and in fact, some of it isnt the truth at all.

    As you reflect on what you learned in this module, ask yourself:

    Do I understand the components of a peer-reviewed journal article and how to use it in an academic argument?
    Can I spot a logical fallacy when I see or hear it?
    How does an academic debate differ from the debates I see on social media or in personal conversations?
    Do I have any questions about the feedback I’ve been receiving from my instructor on my assignments?
    This is an ungraded, optional activity.

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