Long term goals

    Everything has to happen in time, my grandma used to say. We are born, we have to get married earlier to get children so we are young enough to take care about them. Then we get old and we have no energy to do anything and our children will take care of us. Get married earlier and be happy, she said.
    I did not get marry early. Indeed, I did not want to get married. I wanted to pursue education. Because I come from a different country, it took time for me to develop and shape myself as I am now. I could not get into university in my native country and it took time for me to do it here. Language barrier and life style changed everything. My persistence changed and reshaped my mind.
    I got my bachelors degree late in life. One of my advisors told me, why dont you take care about your retirement? You do not need a degree. I still want a graduate degree. I want to succeed. I want to declare that I am a researcher and I am persistent. I have goals, I have determination and the age cannot break my goals.
    My long-term goal is to change the world and make it better. Our world is already changing in a better way, it is accepting what was not acceptable ten years ago. Coming from a disadvantaged segment of society, where my family had to eat cabbage soup and buckwheat porridge every day, I can say that our society needs a fighter like me, who can point kids to the right direction. I want to tell kids not to give up in their life. I want to tell them to look around before they make a bad decision for themselves. While the research is a good opportunity to compile and understand the reasons of our cultural, societal, and educational problems, I want to travel all around the country and decide together with people what we can do to make our life better, which problems we should focus the most on. 



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