Long term affects of adolescent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in adult relationships

    Research Paper, which must be 7-10 pages in the body of the paper (double spaced, 1 margins). The Research Paper must be prepared in APA style. Web pages are NOT
    acceptable references.  a minimum of 5 references from books or journal articles. Headers (Introduction, etc.) can be used, however, a table of contents should not be used in the papers length.
    * the research paper should highlight how the interpersonal relationships of an adult who suffered adolescent PTSD affects their adulthood relationship with their family (spouse and children)
    The Research Paper should be a literature review and should include a pertinent topic in family therapy and tie that topic in with one of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Family Therapy theory covered in the textbook: Bitter, James R., (2014) Theory and Practice of Family Therapy and Counseling, 2nd Ed. Cengage Learning ISBN-13: 9781111840501
    * I can provide textbook chapter and additional source

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