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    1. The Citation: The citation should be a standard citation like you would include in a works cited page. If you’re not sure what that looks like, consult this YouTube video on works cited pages. (Links to an external site.) You may use either APA or MLA citation style, but whichever style you choose, be consistent. In general, if you are studying a scientific or medical field, use APA. If you are studying humanities or liberal arts, use MLA style.

    2. The Annotation: In the annotation portion of your bibliography entry you analyze your source. Each annotation should consist of three paragraphs. A strong paragraph is usually four sentences or more. The paragraphs should be organized like this:

    First Paragraph: Briefly summarize the source.

    Second Paragraph: Explain how you know this source is a reliable source.

    Third Paragraph: Explain how this source will “fit” in your paper. Is the source mainly offering information about the topic or is it making an argument?

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