Literature essay

    Read 2 poems: The World is Too Much With Us and A Blessing
    Write about the experience of nature expressed in these poems:
    – Consider:
         The speaker is there an I in the poem?  Is the poem about the speakers experience, or is the speaker an observer? What is the relationship of the speaker to the action and description and reflection in the poem (physically, emotionally, intellectually)?  Does it change?
        How the eye of the reader is guided through the poem.
        The sounds of the poem and, though none has a strict meter, its rhythm.
        Progression: the way the poem opens, where it shifts, how it closes.
        The title.
        Imagery:  what kind of appeal to the senses – and to the heart and mind occurs through its imagery?
        Language (consider connotations and sounds of words as well as literal meanings)
        Figures of speech (similes, metaphors, and so on) or the absence of figurative language
        Lines that stand out to you that draw your attention in seeming especially important or puzzling or startling.

    – You are able to go beyond observations and questions (though you still may have questions) to insights, connections, and an articulation of what the poem means to you and how it is both literal/concrete and a vehicle for something deeper or more subtle. 
    – You may structure your writing as compare/contrast, or you may discuss each poem separately and make some general concluding comments at the end.


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