Literacy Assignment


    After reading the three web articles listed in the readings for this week, compose a short essay (using a Word doc that you will upload, adhering to MLA formatting guidelines, writing no less than 350 words) that addresses the following:

    1. What is resistance to you? What does it mean to resist something? Can reading really count as resistance, according to you?

    2. Combined, these articles argue that reading is both absolutely essential in our world today as well as counting as an act of political defiance. Imagine you’re attempting to convince a friend or a peer of these authors’ arguments. What would you tell them to convince them to read and to read as an act of resistance? You can write this in the voice you would use for your pee.

    End Date   

    Jan 29, 2021 8:00 PM

    Links to Readings

    Walter Moss, “Why Literature Matters”

    Karin Schott, “Reading is Resistance”

    Karin Schott, “Reading is Resistance”


    The Norton Anthology American Literature 1820
    The Norton Anthology American Literature 1820-1865
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