listen to the music and answer the questions that listed below

    [Count Basie, The Best of Early Basie, 1996 MCA Records] Count Basie Orchestra, Swingin the Blues (Count Basie-Eddie Durham), New York, February 16, 1938.  Buck Clayton, Ed Lewis, and Harry Sweets Edison, trumpets (t); Eddie Durham, Benny Morton and Dan Minor, trombones (tb); Earl Warren, alto saxophone (as); Herschel Evans and Lester Young, tenor saxophone (ts); Jack Washington, baritone saxophone/alto sax saxophone (bs/as); Count Basie, piano (p); Freddie Green, guitar (g); Walter Page, bass (b); Jo Jones, drums (d)

    Topic 1:  The order of solos in this piece is:  Basie, Morton, Young, Clayton, Evans, Edison.  The two tenor saxophone solos in this piece are from Lester Young followed by Herschel Evans.  Listen to the recording and provide counter numbers for the beginning and end of these solos.  How important were soloists, such as Young and Evans, and the others?  Why would it be less interesting to have the band play the entire time?

    I have attached two examples in the doc.

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