Leadership Management

    1. Define Kotter’s eight accelerators of change and explain how each one works and how each one contributes to guiding an organization through a period of change. Give examples of each accelerator, either taken from real company experience or made up by yourself as illustration.


    2. Describe the hierarchy and network structures of organizations. Explain the difference between the two by highlighting the difference(s) between the two, contrasting their roles, and discussing their relative strengths and weaknesses. Discuss how they can complement each other.

    3. Describe the matrix structure of organizations. Why was this form of organization invented? Give an example of a matrix structure and discuss advantages, in your example, that this structure can bring to organizational performance. What are some of its disadvantages or potential weaknesses?


    4. Define leadership and define management and discuss the difference between the two. Is one better or more important than the other to the success of the organization? If yes, explain why and if not, why not. Give an example to reinforce your answer.

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