Leadership Development III – Teams & Networks

    Exercise III – Teams & Networks:  Analyze the problems with the group and network processes the Carter group faced when formulating a workforce reduction strategy. In your written analysis, cite particular problems from the case and how they relate to specific mismanaged group and networking strategies.  What potential changes in the network structure of the group, or in the group processes, could have been implemented to overcome these problems?

    Page limit:  3 pages (double-spaced pages with 12 point font and 1 margins).

    Some Helpful Advice

    Refer to and use conceptual tools and frameworks explicitly. This will help convey your understanding of the material and will economize on space.

    Make a point AND provide reasons/evidence to support it. Do NOT simply describe (i.e., provide a narration of what happened in the case), but seek to analyze (i.e., provide an explanation of why it happened or what effect you hope to elicit) using specific information from the case and/or analytic and conceptual tools from the course.  NOTE:  you can do this effectively and still be succinctexplicitly using course terms, concepts and frameworks actually facilitates your ability to do this.

    Demonstrate your ability to apply the readings, lectures, and class discussions in accurate, selective, and creative ways to diagnose, analyze, and remedy organizational problems. ACCURATE means using the conceptual tools in a correct and consistent manner.  SELECTIVE means using the conceptual tools that give you the most leverage, rather than core dumping all possible ideas.  CREATIVE means extending or applying the material in new ways.

    Make sure to cite your sources (i.e., case or course readings). Feel free to use footnotes or end notes to reference readings and source material rather than inline citation if this helps you to economize on space.  APA style citation format is required.  Links to websites with instructions and examples of this style are provided in the Pages section and Course Resources module on Canvas.

    Policies & Constraints

    You may employ any of your course notes, slides or readings which you find useful, or feel to be appropriate, when answering the exam questions. NO additional research about the company or case is allowed.  You may successfully complete the exam by relying solely on the case itself and course materials.

    Each of your responses must be completed individually and must be an original piece of work that you have written and created solely for this course.

    Your answers may NOT exceed the indicated page limit or formatting requirements for each exam question. Be advised that any arguments made beyond the page limit for each question (however meritorious) will bear NO  I will neither read nor consider such text when grading your exam.  This is to ensure fairness of opportunity for all students, in terms of making a compelling argument in the space allowed.

    You are expected to uphold standards of academic honesty and integrity in the completion of your exam. Students who fail to do so (i.e., engage in plagiarism, cheating, etc.) will receive a score of zero on the assignment.  In order to meet these standards, you are expected to abide by the academic standards that apply in this course, please review the course syllabus for more detailed information.

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