Leadership and Management Development

    it is my final exam, it will be on 4th of June at 20:00GMT to 22.00 GMT time, I  uploaded my final exam material now so the writer will prepare himself to the exam, in the above date I will upload the exam, which it will be small case studies, I need the writer to solve it and upload it for me to submit with the above time range of the exam which is between 20 GMT to 22 GMT, he/she should available at that time  20 GMT on the computer ready to receive the exam questions, so he/she can solve it and upload it back to me with 2 hours time, so I can upload for the university platform whin these 2 hours, please make sure you are available at 20 GMT in 4th of June.
    The Exam Material is from 11 chapters, as you can see I uploaded the book and 10 chapters Slides + Chapter Called Emotional Intelligence.

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