Each student will perform a 360 leadership assessment on a leader.  This will involve performing an interview for a leader and separately interviewing at least 2 subordinates and either a superior or peer of the leader.  The student should develop interview questions using information that may be taken from the self-assessments performed for your self-assessment, and your own brainstorming, but should be probing and open-ended since the interviewees may not be familiar with the particular terms and definitions used in the leadership literature.  The interview assignments may be conducted either in person or over the phone.  Once the interviews have been conducted, the student should report on their interviews, integrate their findings, assess her/his leadership style (strengths, weaknesses, etc..), and include recommendations as to how the leader might improve their abilities.  The paper should include some discussion of the organizational context within which the individual works (size, scope of their leadership responsibilities, number of subordinates, etc…). The paper should include a comprehensive listing of the questions that were used in the interview process.  It is NOT recommended that the results of this assignment be returned to the individual, and it should be explained to the participants that their input would be used only for the purposes of your assignment and all names withheld. The paper should be between five & eight pages in length (double-spaced, with a 12-point font, not including the cover sheet (if included) or the list of questions used in the interviews).

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