This is a discussion board reply. You will reply to the attached  paper. Please read the Grading rubric before starting this reply.  The reply must include 3 peer reviewed source citations in current APA 7 format, the text, and the integration of 1 biblical principal as outlined in the Discussion Board Rubric which is attached.

    Readings: Merida: Entire Book (attached)
    Scott: pp 35-106 (attached)

    Please read Grading Rubric before starting.

    In the Replies include the following:
    Everything mentioned in the Reply expectations.

    In the Introduction section, you must quote or specifically refer to what and to whom you are responding. There is no need to cite a fellow Learner in the DB assignments, unless in a separate thread or a reply in which you are responding to something very specific. Do not be afraid to disagree with a fellow Learner’s perspective, just do so politely and always cite and source why.

    You need to cite in support of your argument and use APA 7 format.  Also, in discussions do not be afraid to use a little appropriate humor. “A smiling reader is one whos paying attention and eager to read on.” Not to mention your prof enjoys a good laugh while reading so much content!

    You will not bash the writer in this post, you will add knowledge to their findings.

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